Saturday, 15 January 2011

Sincere Apologise for the Absence

Certain events in my life have kept me away from what I love doing, which is exploring the capital markets. Totally Unacceptable! I will begin updating regularly and more frequently from here on. Stay tuned, an update is coming next week.

I will move from this blog to my own domain ( ).Picked a new theme. Set the front page to a single page rather than latest Posts (good or bad idea? Comments please). will Import all my content and your comments from my blog ASAP.Please leave me your comments if any on how to improve and be user friendly.

Hope all of you enjoyed reading my previous posts, whil my previous posts covered investments ideas I will share with the readers some ideas obviously supported by a cogent reasoning
I would be pleased if viewers share their ideas and we can then discuss the investability of such idea.Mutually lets make money by sharing our knowledge.

Kind Regards


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